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CEFTA Green Corridors

Published date: 17.04.2020 14:04 | Author: uc

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Due to current Covid - 19 crisis, in coordination of CEFTA Secretariat, the EU Permanent Secretariat of the Transport Community and the CEFTA parties, is established Green Corridors and a List of Priority Commodities in order to ensure the smooth flow of goods in the region.

Handling of goods from the „priority list“

In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, in order to speed up the flow of goods across border crossing points, we inform you that the signatories of the CEFTA Agreement (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo (UNMIK) and Moldova) have agreed and adopted a Common List of priority goods ("Priority List") to be treated as priority over other goods when carrying out border controls. The list contains tariff codes and names of goods in the field of food, animal feed, medicines, medical devices and medical equipment.

The implementation of the priority regime for crossing the border crossing points ("Green CEFTA corridors" and priority routes: BCP Dobrakovo, BCP Dračenovac, BCP Ilino Brdo, BCP Kula, BCP Božaj and BCP Free Zone Bar) of the goods from the Priority List shall include all border control agencies, in accordance with its jurisdiction as well as freight forwarders.

At border crossing points where infrastructure permits, it is necessary to allow trucks with priority consignments to pass through a dedicated lane. At border crossing points where there is no available special lane for this purpose, priority crossing should be enabled in accordance with local conditions at the border crossing point, in coordination with the police.

It is the responsibility of the freight forwarder to inform the driver of the priority consignment to use the priority "green” lane and to that end, communicate with the competent services so that border crossing procedures are completed with minimum delay.

Tariffe code in Transit declaration

In order to enable the identification of consignments of goods from the Priority List in the SEED system, it is necessary that each transit declaration contains a tariff code. In this regard, it is the responsibility of the freight forwarder to enter the 8-digit tariff code from the Priority List in the declaration during the transit procedure.

If the transit declaration contains several goods, classified in more than one of the tariff headings in the Priority List, the transit declaration must contain the name of the goods and the tariff code for each goods. If the transit declaration, in addition to the goods in the Priority List, includes other goods not on the list, the obligation to enter a tariff code does not apply to other goods.

If it is a groupage consignment which, in addition to the goods in the Priority List, contains other goods outside the list, this consignment will be considered a priority consignment.

The obligation to provide priority treatment of these goods at border crossing points starts from 16/04/2020.

The List of priority goods is available here.