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Announcement: Adopted the integrity plan of the Customs administration

Announcement: Adopted the integrity plan of the Customs administration
Published date: 24.04.2014 15:18 | Author: B.K.

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Priority activity of the Customs Administration is the fight against corruption, and in this regard to raise the level of integrity and ethics. Carefully planned approach, strong dedication and commitment of the management, is moving towards defining the main causes of corruption in the customs service, detection of its prevalence, systemic approach to the problem by implementing a set of rules and program of actions to combat this negative phenomenon. In this regard, the Customs Administration adopted the Integrity plan on 31 March 2014.

Integrity plan is an internal anti-corruption act, which contains a set of measures of legal and practical nature to prevent and eliminate opportunities for the creation and development of various forms of corruptive behaviour. Integrity Plan is the result of self-assessment of exposure of authority to the risks related to occurrence and development of corruption, conflict of interest, as well as exposure to ethically and professionally unacceptable actions.

The purpose of the Integrity plan is to establish the mechanisms that will ensure the efficient and effective implementation of anti-corruption policy of the Customs administration, through strengthening of accountability, increase transparency, control of discretionary powers, respect for ethical values, simplifying procedures, eliminating inefficient practices and inapplicable regulations, the introduction of more efficient system of supervision and control of work and conduct of customs officers and employees.

Based on the conducted analysis of application of existing customs procedures and processes were identified risk areas and jobs that are exposed to risk, as well as the principal risks and existing control measures. We have determined by the probability of occurrence, impact and consequences of corruption and other forms of illegal or unethical behaviour, and defined about 100 appropriate risk mitigation measures. The proposed risk mitigation measures are of planned and systematic character and are related to the amendment to the Customs Service Law, continuous exercise of control of line managers and control systems, rotation of employees, continuous training of employees, improvement of technical equipment, monitoring and analysing the performance of customs officers, knowledge tests and integrity tests, increase of transparency, strengthening management control activities and tightening of disciplinary policy regarding illegal actions with elements of corruption ...

Through the referred plan of activities and preventive anti-corruption measures, appropriate to the nature and structure of the customs service, the goal is to reduce the possibility of corruptive actions, in the same time fully strengthening the level of integrity in the Customs Service.