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Joint press release: Customs and police officers seized the good worth in excess of 55,000 euro; a suspect arrested

Published date: 30.05.2019 10:30 | Author: AV

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Officials of the Customs Administration – Anti-smuggling Department and Police Administration officers – Police station Podgorica, while undertaking measures and actions aimed at suppressing the grey economy and acting on the basis of operational information, found and seized goods worth over 55,000 euro by searching the unregistered business premises. Police officers have arrested a person suspected of the criminal offense of unauthorized trade

On the basis of the previously obtained order of the competent investigating judge, customs and police officers conducted a search of an unregistered business premises in Tuzi, used by A.K. (52) from the Republic of Albania, and on which occasion they found and seized a large quantity of goods - electric materials in a total value of 55,685 euro without documentation on origin.

The criminal investigation raises the suspicion that A.K., engaged in the sale of goods in a larger scale for a long period of time, in the unregistered premises in Tuzi and for which he did not have the documentation on the origin of goods, nor was he registered for the performance of economic activity in the territory of Montenegro.

A.K. was arrested and, with a criminal charge, brought to the competent prosecutor for the existence of a reasonable suspicion that he had committed the criminal offense of unauthorized trade.