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Customs Administration: Increase of revenue collection in 2016 for almost 10%

Published date: 20.03.2017 09:24 | Author: MBŠ

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Revenue collection, in charge of the Customs Administration, during 2016, recorded an increase of 9.71%

Customs Administration, during the period 1 January – 31 December 2016, collected 596,949,678.40 EUR, which is 9.71% more than in 2015, when were collected 544,129,909.69 EUR.

The structure of collected revenues is dominated by the VAT on import, with the collection in 2016 (379,759,931.20 EUR) increased by 9.47% compared to 2015 (346,913,158.64 EUR).

During 2016, on the account of excises were collected 190,512,993.68 EUR, which is 9.88% more than in 2015 when were collected 173,381,880.92 EUR on the same account.

In the previous year were collected 122,647,871.58 EUR of excise duties on mineral oils and fuels; 49,662,029.66 EUR of excise tax on tobacco products, 14,329,443.56 EUR of excise tax on alcohol and alcoholic beverages; 3,873,648.88 euro of excise tax on sparkling water.

Collection of taxes on international trade and transactions recorded a growth of 6.10%, due to the fact that during 2015 were collected 22,887,481.92 EUR, and during  2016 were collected 24,283,642.72 EUR.